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Uptown Charlotte NC

Charlotte, North Carolina is a modern city, rich in history, and with a young, hip vibe. "The Queen City" is located centrally in the...

Rest In Peace

The rest of the story: Kings Mountain Preserve is a final resting place, with acres...

A Tale of Two Grottos

During my academic career, I’ve been blessed by two grottos- one in Western NY - the other in North Carolina en route from the Piedmont...

Bring Wegmans To Charlotte

Given the uptick in recent media interest in the beloved Bring Wegmans to Charlotte group, I invited its founder and fearless leader, Dr....

Christmas at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens has been a favorite go-to place for me since my move to Belmont, NC in 2019. This year marked my first...

En Route to the High Country : Belmont NC

Millions of visitors pass through Charlotte, North Carolina, travelling west en route to the High Country. Charlotte itself is an...

Meet The Meck Dec

Sourced from the Mecklenburg Historical Society, this document declares independence specifically by and for Mecklenburg County, North...

Belmont’s Central Park

In the heart of Belmont, North Carolina sits a park as active, diversified and lovely as any you’ll find. Situated in the heart of...

Six Years That Launched A Presidency

A visit to the President James K. Polk Historic Sight in Pineville NC provides tremendous insight into the times. While President Polk...

Adventure awaits!

In the process of discovering my new home the midst of pandemic. That means lots of distancing indoors and much more time...

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